Technical Limitations

We recommend using the following browsers for Tactyc:

  • Google Chrome: 55 and higher

  • Safari: 49 and higher

  • Firefox: 10 and higher

Given Tactyc's quantitative heavy dashboards, mobile devices are not fully supported currently. Please use Tactyc in a desktop environment.

Performance Limits

There are certain limits of the Tactyc model that are in place to ensure there are no performance impacts when calculating and processing your fund data.


Investments per fund vehicle


KPIs per investment


Performance cases per investment


Number of performance cases per fund


Number of investments importable with Bulk Import wizard


Number of rows in the Bulk Import wizard


Number of Fund of Funds investments per vehicle


Vehicles in Multi-Funds Views


Number of Documents per Fund in Document Center

200 (Solo Plan) 2000 (Enterprise Plan)

Maximum File Size per file in Document Center

10MB (Solo Plan) 50MB (Enterprise Plan)

Please note that in rare instances if you fund is close to or has hit one of the limits above (for e.g. 400 investments per vehicle or 500 performance cases per vehicle), you may see performance lagginess in Multi-Fund Views or Fund of Funds features as these are computationally intensive processes that calculate performance of multiple funds together.

Concurrent Users Warning

If multiple users are concurrently are simultaneously changing data for a fund, Tactyc will honor the last saved changed for an investment or a fund. This might result in not all the changes being captured if one of the users does not have the latest session data.

Recommendation: Please avoid having multiple users change data at the same time. The best practice is to have one single user editing at a time, while other users are viewing in read-only mode.

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