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Updating Model for Actuals

Tactyc automatically generates two forecasts for your model:

  • Construction Forecast: The fund’s original plan before any investments

  • Current Forecast: The fund’s latest forecast after taking into account actual investments

By default the Current Forecast is already updated with actual investments you have defined. However, you can also update other forecasted metrics from your model such as:

  • Committed Capital

  • Capital Calls

  • Management Fee

  • Expenses

  • Management Fee recycled

  • Exit Proceeds recycled

  • Distributions to LP’s and GP’s

It’s important to note that updating actuals does not change future projections or your investable capital. If your fund is expected to do 50 deals, that figure will not change after updating actuals. This is simply a way for you to keep your model in sync with actuals that have occurred.

How to update the Tactyc model for actuals?

  • Go to Model View from the left sidebar

  • Click on In-Period Projections

  • Ensure you are viewing the Current Forecast and that you are on the Monthly View

  • Click on Edit Actuals

  • All cells shown in blue can now be updated for actuals. Enter the new actual figure in the editable text field.

  • Click on Save Edits when complete

  • All resulting charts and reports throughout the app that refer to actuals will not automatically be updated.

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