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Zapier Integration

This a beta feature and subject to changes before a wide release.
Zapier is a product that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows. It connects to more than 5,000 apps, with free and paid plans including other tools in the VC tech stack such as AirTable, Affinity etc.

Tactyc Zapier App

Tactyc is available on Zapier as a Zapier Action. You can set up Triggers from other applications to automatically add an investment into your Tactyc fund model.
A visualization of how to integrate Zapier with Tactyc


To setup a Zapier integration, please have the following:
  • a Zapier account
  • your Tactyc API Key (you can email us at [email protected] to obtain one)
  • your Fund ID (this is shown on your home screen)
A visualization of how to identify your Fund ID

Quick Start

  • Follow the steps on Zapier to Create a New Zap
  • Setup a Trigger with the app from where you want to obtain investment related data from
  • Setup an Action and select Tactyc
A search bar with the text "Tactyc"
  • Under Event select Create a New Investment
A visualization of how to create a new investment with Tactyc venture capital fund management software
  • When asked to authenticate with Tactyc, enter your Tactyc API Key and Fund ID
Visualization of how to allow Zapier access to your account
  • To setup the Action, follow the instructions to map your incoming data into specific Tactyc fields (such as Company Name, Investment Date etc.)
A full visualization of how to create new investment with Tactyc VC management software

Keep in mind

  • The Tactyc Zapier Action will enable you to define an investment, associated metadata (sector, geography etc.) and its initial round only. Any follow-on rounds will not be captured with the API or Zapier approach. To create a new investment with multiple rounds, please use provided Bulk Upload Excel option.
  • If your Zap triggers multiple times for the same investment, that investment will be added multiple times into Tactyc. Please ensure you have the approporiate triggers or filters setup in Tactyc to avoid duplication of investments into Tactyc.
  • Only 1 investment can be added at at time. To add multiple investments, use the Bulk Upload option or the API method.