Fractional investments

Why are the number of investments fractions?

Tactyc’s calculation logic attempts to deploy all of your available capital. This can commonly lead to investments being fractions. For e.g. if your model is deploying $10mm capital and but the check sizes are $1.5mm, the result will be 6.67 investments.

By hiding the decimals into integers we don't want you get tripped up by rounding. Our calculation engine computes out decimals, so rounding figures up (or down), loses some accuracy - and can end up implying some "unused capital" for your fund. So we've decided to be as transparent as possible to show you exactly the number of investments implied so the totals can all match up over the dashboard.

In our experience, LPs completely understand the uncertain and probablistic nature of fund level forecasts and fractional investments should not be confusing to the audience.

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