All of Tactyc computations are done in software code (i.e. JavaScript/TypeScript) and on your browser. The speed and performance of your user experience depends heavily on your browser version.

We recommend using the following browsers for Tactyc:

  • Google Chrome: 55 and higher

  • Safari: 49 and higher

  • Firefox: 10 and higher

Given Tactyc's quantitative heavy dashboards, mobile devices are not fully supported currently. Please use Tactyc in a desktop environment.

Concurrent Users Warning

If multiple users are concurrently are simultaneously changing data for a fund, Tactyc will honor the last saved changed for an investment or a fund. This might result in not all the changes being captured if one of the users does not have the latest session data.

Recommendation: Please avoid having multiple users change data at the same time. The best practice is to have one single user editing at a time, while other users are viewing in read-only mode.

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