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Bulk Update Options

Periodically, you may want to “bulk update” multiple investments quickly. For e.g. changing assumptions for future funding rounds, future exit scenarios and probabilities or updating sector, commentary etc. Tactyc offers a range of “bulk update” options that are available from the Bulk Imports & Updates dropdown from your investments page.

Update Rounds

The Planning View enables you to change assumptions for rounds within an investment.

  • Click on Planning View from our investments page

  • Select whether you’d like to edit Historical or Future Rounds

  • Select the parameters you’d like to edit (for e.g. Investment Amount, Round Size, Valuations, Graduation Rates etc.)

  • Enter your updates and click Save

Update Qualitative

The Bulk Update Qualitative Data option enables you to mass update all metadata associated with your investments (for e.g. Sector, Geography, Commentary, Tags etc.).

  • Click on Bulk Import > Qualitative Data from your investments page

  • Download the Excel template

  • Fill out the Excel template offline with updated date

  • Upload the completed Excel template

Update FMV

Periodically, you may also want to update the FMV and ownership % for each deal. Typically this requires a Valuation Update or an to be added for each investment. The FMV Update option enables you to mass update ownerships and valuations for multiple investments at once.

  • Click FMV Update from your investments page

  • Select the date of update and where you are entering FMV (value of the fund’s holdings) or Aggregate Valuation (total equity value of the company)

  • Enter the latest data and click Save. Tactyc will automatically apply the Valuation Update and Ownership Update events into each investment accordingly.

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