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I have made changes to a Sector Profile. How do I "sync" these changes into individual investments?

Use the Future option available within each investment to rebuild rounds from a Sector Profile

When adding an investment, I want all the Graduation Rates to be 100% by default.

From your fund dashboard's sidebar go to Settings > Investments Configuration to turn on the 100% Graduation Rates option.

How to adjust for ESOP when adding a new round?

There are 2 ways to adjust a round for dilution from ESOP pool.
  1. 1.
    • If you have the complete cap table, enter the share level data so Tactyc can calculate your ownership accurately. The ESOP pool should be captured in the Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding field.
  2. 2.
    • Add an Ownership Update event after the financing round to enter your new ownership after ESOP pool. You can also directly enter the Dilution Factor from the ESOP pool if you prefer.

How to determine reserves for a round?

Determining follow-on investments can by tricky as it requires triangulating multiple deal-level and fund-level metrics. For e.g. increasing follow-on investment in a deal, increases ownership, but also reduces exit MOIC. It lowers the Return the Fund for a deal, but also reduces capital available for investments in other deals.
Finding the optimal reserve level requires running multiple scenarios to find the answer that best fits within the parameters of the fund. Tactyc automatically summarizes impact to these key metrics at various potential reserve levels - so managers can quickly compare impacts at various follow-on investment levels. It will also automatically calculate:
  • follow-on investment needed to maintain ownership from the last round (pro-rata)
  • follow-on investment needed to keep this deal's reserve ratio in line with the fund's overall reserve ratio
Open any future round and click on What is the optimal reserve level? helper calculator. to view this analysis.