Using Custom Fields

Custom fields enable you to create your own tracking fields such as tags, dates, numbers or text to categorize portfolio companies

While Tactyc already provides deal tags, sector, geographies and other tracking fields, periodically you may want to create your own custom fields that are internal and specific to your fund. These could be internal status color codes (i.e. "traffic lights"), or any additional information you want to track for investments.

Creating a Custom Field

From your investments page, click on Custom Fields

  • Define your custom fields by specifying the name and type. Support field types are:

    • Number

    • Tags

    • Text

    • Color Codes

    • Dates

  • Click Save when complete

Adding Data to Custom Fields

After defining custom fields, when you open an investment, a new sector for Custom Fields appear in the Investment Information section

  • Click on Custom Fields to open a panel to enter data for the defined fields

  • Click Submit to enter the data and Save the investment

  • The investment information section will now show a custom fields section

Accessing Custom Fields on the Investments Table

Custom Fields can also be exposed on the investments table from the Columns configuration. These custom field columns can be filtered or sorted to evaluate performance for specific sub-sections of the portfolio.

Adding Custom Fields to Tearsheets

Custom Fields created can also be added to the tearsheet from the Customize dialog. Select desired custom fields and they will be shown on the left sidebar of each tearsheet.

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