Construction vs. Current Forecasts

Construction Forecast is a world without any investments. The model’s time is reset to Month 0 and no actual investments are taken into account when computing fund performance. This is your “original” plan.

Current Forecast is the model taking into account actual investments + projecting future investments based on your remaining capital.

To flip between either views, toggle the view from the Fund Header.

Why is my number of investments different between Construction and Current Forecasts?

Your number of projected investments may actually change in the Current Forecast vs. Construction Forecast, as in the Current Forecast the system will take into account capital deployed into actual investments to determine remaining capital.

The remaining capital is then deployed based on the check sizes defined in construction - and if there is not enough remaining capital, then your projected investments may end up being lower than your construction forecast.

An example:

Let's say your original construction projection estimates 20 initial investments. You've since closed on 5 actual deals. The Current Projection is developed as follows:

  • Determine how much capital is left over after the 5 investments

  • For the remaining capital, assume you'll continue to make investments as per your construction plan

  • Develop a new projection for how many deals you'll end up with + expected performance at the end of the fund's life.

Note: If the current projection deviates meaningfully from the original construction plan, this implies your actual deals may not be in line with construction parameters such as check sizes, valuation etc.

When I go back to my construction wizard why does the number of investment differ from construction?

If your fund has deployed capital towards actual investments, the wizard will only show what the fund is capable of doing on the remaining capital.

For e.g. if your current projected number of deals is 50 and the fund has done 10 deals to date, the remaining 40 deals are projected based on your remaining capital. By changing the allocations in the construction wizard, you can influence these remaining capital that is undeployed but the original 10 deals are untouched.

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