Limited Partners

This is an optional section. If left unfilled, the forecasted model will summarize LP returns as a single LP entity. If you’ve defined LP’s in this section, the model can forecast returns for each LP

Adding LPs

To add a Limited Partner, click on Add a Limited Partner

  • Enter the LP Investment Amount

  • Enter the expected Capital Schedule for each LP

  • Under Fee Profile drop-down select the appropriate fee profile for each LP

  • Set either a custom profit split or let Tactyc assign returns on a pro-rata basis (pro-rata is calculated based on each LP’s contribution)

You may also use the Bulk Upload option to fill an Excel template and upload your LP data

Customizing Profit Splits by LP

  • Be default, Tactyc will always distribute profits to all LP’s based on their pro-rata share of committed capital

  • However this method can be overridden, by selecting Toggle Profit Splits from the top toolbar and then selecting Custom option from the Profit Split (%) for each LP. You can then adjust the percentage of profits each LP can earn from the different tiers

    • Tier 1 profit split (this is the initial investment return)

    • Tier 2 profit split (this is the preferred hurdle return profit split. Only activated if the waterfall actually has a hurdle rate provision)

    • Tier 4 profit split (this is the profit split after GP carried interest)

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