Investment Cashflows

Get a investment's cashflows programmatically

Method and URL





Fund ID: The fund's unique ID identifier.

Sample Request

The following is a sample request to query the first 12 months performance

// Sample request
 -H 'Authorization:{{API KEY}}'

Sample Response

The response will provide the following fields:

  • Status Code: 200 for a succesful response

  • Body: JSON array of cash flow events for each investment

  • Metrics provided are:

    • id: Internal Tactyc ID

    • investmentId: Internal Tactyc ID for the investment

    • investmentName: Company Name

    • scenarioName: Name of the performance case

    • probability: Performance case probability

    • value: Cash flow value in fund currency

    • date: Date of the cash flow event

    • period: Number of months since the fund's start date

    • type: Initial, Follow-On, Dividend or Exit

    "status": 200,
    "body": [
            "id": "ITJlpIeNy",
            "investmentId": "ksf7HDgwvKv",
            "investmentName": "AlphaTech",
            "probability": 0.2,
            "scenarioName": "Base",
            "value": 1500000,
            "date": "Jan-2021",
            "period": 0,
            "type": "initial"
            "id": "A8d2ObVN2Y",
            "investmentId": "vBGvl4ybp",
            "investmentName": "EchelonTech",
            "probability": 1,
            "scenarioName": "Base",
            "value": 1000000,
            "date": "Jan-2021",
            "period": 0,
            "type": "initial"

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