Custom Views

Custom Views enable you to create different column configurations for the investments table

Given the more than 200 reporting fields available for your portfolio companies, you may want to create column configurations that highlight different facets of reporting (for e.g. a "qualitative" view, or a "valuation" view")

To create a custom view:

  • Click on Columns

  • Check the desired fields you want in the custom view

  • Click on Save

    • Saving as Default means the next time you load the investments table, this is the view that will be loaded

    • Saving as New Custom View enables you save the current column configuration under a custom name

    • Saving as Existing Custom View enables you to overwrite a prior column configuration

Downloading a Report

The portfolio summary report enables you to download an Excel report of the investment table. You can configure the portfolio summary report to load the column configurations from a custom view..

  • Go to Reports > Portfolio Summary

  • Click on Customize

  • Click Load Investments View > and select the desired custom view

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