Basic information on your fund.

Fund Name, Currency and Life

  • Fund Name: Name of your fund

  • Fund Currency: Currency of your fund. All future investments will automatically be assumed in the same currency too.

  • Start Date: Typically when your fund is launched

  • End Date: If you are modelling an evergreen fund, leave this option turned off and the platform will automatically create an evergreen fund.

  • How often you expect to call capital? The options are Upfront, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually

Committed Capital

  • Total Committed Capital: total capital from LP’s and GP’s

  • GP Commitment %: Percentage of total committed capital coming from GP’s (typically 1-2.5%)

  • You may also define timing of commitment closes. The default assumes all capital is committed from Month 1. You can use this section to set multiple closes over time. The closes are defined as % of LP Commitment.

Cashless GP Commits and Management Fee Waivers

There may be situations where a portion or all of your fund's GP commits are cashless. This is common in Management Fee waiver structures where the GPs charge a lower management fee to certain LP's in lieu of a cashless commit.

The enter a cashless GP Commit, simply enter the % of GP Commitment that is cashless in the Cashless GP Contribution (%). For e.g. if the GP is receiving a 2% ownership in the fund, but is only contributing 60% of the 2% commitment in cash, you would enter 40% in this field.

Line of Credit

If your fund will be using a line of credit, you can set up the terms of the credit facility for Tactyc to automatically project draws and repayments on the line and associated interest expenses. Learn more here.

Line of Credit is currently a Beta feature and subject to change prior to a wide release.

In the Fund Logo section you can upload your fund's logo in PNG or JPEG. The logo will be prominently shown on the fund's dashboard.

Vehicle Structure (Advanced)

The Vehicle Structure field enables you to select a traditional fund or an SPV structure.

  • Traditional Fund (recommended): The construction wizard will present sections that enable you to model a full projection with future investments. The model will also automatically project future investments, associated cash flows and generally operate the vehicle as if it will be building a future portfolio of investments.

  • SPV (no construction): The model will not automatically forecast future investments, instead you will need to manually add investments to build a portfolio of deals.

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