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Scenario Builder

Change model parameters to run new fund scenarios quickly.

To run new scenarios for your fund model:

  • Go to Scenario Builder from the sidebar

  • Click on Create Scenario and give this scenario a name

  • Change the model parameters from the Scenario Parameters section. You can revisit multiple parameter sections (such as sectors, allocations, fees, investments, etc.)

  • After entering new model parameters, Tactyc will recalculate the model and show the results under This Scenario column

  • Click on Save Scenario when complete

Running fund scenarios based on individual investment scenarios

If you have built multiple performance cases for your investments, you can easily turn cases "on" or "off" for multiple investments and evaluate impact on fund performance.

  • Go to Scenario Builder > Create Scenario

  • Go to Scenario Parameters > Investments

  • You should now see a list of all your investment cases. You can "turn a case on" and "off" by with the 100% and 0% buttons under Action

  • Click on Recalculate

  • Evaluate the Scenario Results and then Save Scenario

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