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Disable Automatic Projection

How to reflect only actual investments in the Tactyc model
By default Tactyc's methodology is as follows:
  • Actual deployed or planned capital is assumed to perform as per the actual investments you have defined in the Investments section
  • Un-deployed capital is assumed to perform as per the original construction plan i.e. the performance of your Allocations in the Construction Wizard
These two pools of capital are blended together to come up with the Current Forecast

Disabling automatic projection in the Current Forecast only

  • Go to Construction Wizard > Allocations
  • Under the Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page, turn on the Disable Automatic Projection settings
  • Click Complete
Tactyc will now no longer project any future investments on its own, only actual investments will be included in the Current Forecast. The original Construction Forecast will remain unchanged.

Disabling automatic projection for both the Current and Construction Forecasts.

  • Go to Construction Wizard > Allocations
  • Delete all your Allocations
  • Click Complete
Please note in this configuration the Construction Forecast is meaningless. The Current Forecast will be populated on the fund's dashboard and only reflect the performance of actual investments.