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Fund of Funds

Fund of Funds is available on Enterprise Plans only.

Fund of Funds investments are when a fund (”FOF”) invests in another fund (“portfolio fund”) as an LP. The FOF’s cash outflows service the capital calls in the portfolio fund, and the FOF’s cash inflows are the LP returns from the portfolio fund.

Tactyc supports Fund of Funds by enabling your fund to make an investment in another fund in your Tactyc account.


  • Both the “parent” fund and “child fund” / “portfolio fund” must be present in your Tactyc Venture Manager account and modelled separately i.e. you will go through the construction wizard for the “parent” fund once and then separately for the “child” fund. You should have 2 distinct funds in your Tactyc account after this process.

  • You must be on the Enterprise plan to access this feature

Adding a Fund of Funds Investment

  • From your sidebar, go to Investments and click on the Fund Investments tab

  • Click on Add a Portfolio Fund

  • Select a portfolio fund from your Tactyc account to invest into and specify the investment amount

  • Select whether you want to connect into the Construction or Current forecast of the portfolio fund

  • Click Save

Once completed, the main fund will automatically become an investor in the portfolio fund. The cash flows related to this investment can be viewed from the Fund Investments section of your dashboard.


  • Both the currencies must be the same for the investing fund and the portfolio fund.

  • FOF investing in another FOF is not currently supported. FOF must be investing in a fund that is doing direct investments.

  • If the portfolio fund start date was before the FOF start date, the FOF is assumed to also invest in all of the capital calls prior the FOF start date

  • If the portfolio fund end date is later than the FOF end date, the portfolio fund is assumed to be liquidated at FMV at the FOF end date

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