No or very little recycled proceeds

I have turned on recycling assumptions but my fund shows no or very little recycled proceeds

If you have turned on recycling provisions for your fund but still see zero recycling (or not enough recycling), there may be a few reasons why this is occurring.

In order for exit proceeds to be recycled a few conditions need to be met:

  • Condition 1: There should be enough exits within the investment window (for initial and following investments). If exits are coming in far too late, then there is nowhere for those exits proceeds to be recycled into.

  • Condition 2: There should be enough exits within the recycling window.

Finally, if the amount needed for investments within a given period is far lower than the exit proceeds - then the model will only recycle the minimum amount needed to pay for investments. For e.g., if you have $1mm of exit proceeds in a given month but only have $100k of investment within the same month - only $100k will be recycled.

A note about exit proceeds from actual investments:

  • If an actual investment that you have defined has been sold, and you have recycled the exit proceeds from that deal, Tactyc will try to recycle those exit proceeds if there is another investment occurring within the same month. **If there is no investment occurring within the same month, then those exit proceeds will not be recycled.

  • Note that you can always manually update the actual amount recycled, by updating the model for actuals and updating the Exit Proceeds Recycled row.

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