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KPI Manager

KPIs are operating metrics typically tracked to monitor a portfolio company’s performance. These could be items such as Revenue, Cash Balances, Customers etc.

How to add a KPI to an investment?

  1. Go KPI Manager from the sidebar

  2. Select the portfolio company, you’d like to track KPIs for and click on Add KPI. Select from a list of pre-defined KPIs or create your own KPI metric using the New Metric option

  3. For each KPI, you can specify:

    • whether the KPI is quantitative or qualitative

    • the tracking frequency (how often you expect to track this KPI)

    • tracking period (range over which you expect to track the KPI)

    • KPI data format (currency, percentage etc.)

    • Description (a quick description of this KPI)

    • Company Comments (qualitative comments or MD&A)

    • whether you would like the company to upload documents related to this KPI

Adding KPI Data

You can add KPI data yourself, or if you are on an Enterprise Plan, you can also request portfolio companies to enter their KPI data themselves.

To add a KPI data yourself:

  • Go to KPI Manager > Manage KPIs > Select company > Select KPI

  • Enter data directly in the grid

  • Click Save

Request KPIs from portfolio companies

The ability to request KPIs from portfolio companies is available on our Enterprise Plans only. Contact us at to get access to this feature.

Tactyc lets you create web forms that can be sent to portfolio companies requesting them to directly update their KPI data. These one-time web forms are unique to each portfolio company and can be password protected. The portfolio company does not need a Tactyc account or a Tactyc login.

Assigning a company contact

  1. Go to KPI Manager > KPI Requests > Contacts

  2. Enter an email address for the company. You can also use the Import function to import contacts from an Excel spreadsheet.

Create a KPI Request Form

  1. Go to KPI Manager > KPI Requests

  2. Click on Create KPI Request(s) button

    1. Click on “All Companies” if you’d like to create request forms for all portfolio companies where you are tracking KPIs

    2. Click on a single company if you’d like to create a request form for just that one company for now.

    Note: Only companies where you are tracking KPIs are eligible for these forms.

  3. In the next dialog,

    • Specify which KPI metrics would you like to be visible in these KPI requests. By default all KPI metrics are visible. (this option is only available if you clicking on All Companies).

    • Specify whether you’d like to use a passcode to protect the web form data. If no password is specified, anyone with access to the web form URL link will be able to see the KPI data within that web form. Click on Create Request when done.

  4. A new request form will be generated. The status of this form is currently Pending Update

Automatically sending the KPI request form

  1. If a contact has been assigned to the portfolio company, you can have Tactyc automatically send an email to the company notifying them to update their data using the Request Form.

  2. Click Send for an automated email to be send to the company. To send request forms to multiple companies, click the check boxes next to the appropriate request form and click on Send Selected.

Manually sending the KPI request form

To manually send this form to the portfolio company, copy the web form link using the Copy option and send it your contact at the portfolio company.

  1. When the portfolio company opens the KPI request, they will see a single editable view of all their current KPI data and commentary.

  2. They can then enter new data and commentary to update these metrics

  3. Once completed, they will click on Submit at the bottom of the page to finish the update

Once a request has been submitted

  1. Once a portfolio company completes a KPI request, you will receive an automated email notification specifying your KPI request is now completed and ask you to log in to Tactyc to approve the request

  2. Once logged in, you will see the request status has now changed from Pending Status to Pending Review

  3. To review the KPI update, open the request by clicking on the company name. A review panel will open up showing the original KPI data and updated KPI data for comparison.

  4. If you’re happy with the changes, click on Save to accept all the new KPI updates. The new KPI data will now automatically be saved and available for reporting. If you’d like to disregard this request, click on Reject to reject the request

Note: If you would like to skip the approval process for all KPI requests, go to your Settings (from your sidebar) and turn on the Auto-Approve KPI Requests option.

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